Community, Clinical & Corporate Education

Bridge2Horizon Wellness Resource offers seminars designed to improve health, school and work performance, as well as increase happiness in individuals, couples and families. All our programs are conducted by professional speakers from a variety of health and mental health disciplines.



Bridge2Horizon can design a program to meet individual community needs.

  • Taking Care of the Caregiver: Advance Relaxation Techniques for Parents

  • Emotional Regulation During COVID-19: For Teens

  • Emotional Regulation During COVID-19: For Parents

  • Family Communication Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Strategies in Talking With Children: Understand Them and Help Them Understand You

  • Meditation Without the Mysticism

  • Eating for Energy (Program Conducted by an RN and/or Certified Dietician)

  • Build Rapport with Anyone, Anytime

  • Signs and Symptoms Your Child is Being Bullied & Options for Parents

  • Navigating the Healthcare System (Focuses on Hospitals and Acute Care)

  • Navigating the Healthcare System Part 2 (Focuses on Curative and Palliative Models)

  • Navigating the Healthcare System Part 3 (Options for Seniors and Healthcare at Home)

  • Memory Enhancing Exercises and Games

  • Study Strategies: Excellent for Teens and College Students

  • Generating Creativity - Originally Program offered at Creative Screenwriting Expo. LA

  • Overcoming Gaming Addiction

  • Psychology of Weight Loss

  • Talking to Teens About Dating

  • Just Do It: Advanced Goal Setting Strategies (Excellent for Teens and Professionals)

  • Breathing Techniques for a Peace of Mind

  • Master Secrets of Persuasion

  • Defeat Insomnia and Have Good Dreams

  • Overcome Test Taking Anxiety

  • Mastering Co-Parenting

  • Tips and Tricks for the Blended Family

  • Destroy Writer’s Block (for writers and students)

  • Add Psychological Dimension to Characters (for writers)

  • Effective Communication Techniques for Couples

  • Effective Communication Techniques for Families



  • Peak Performance Training: Programming the Optimal State of Mind

  • Advanced Goal Setting

  • Overcoming Burnout at the Work Place

  • Finding New Meaning in Your Career

  • Discovering the ‘Ideal Self’: Live who you were born to be

  • Advanced Stress Management at Work

  • Techniques to Increase Energy at Work

  • Advanced Relaxation Techniques for the Busy Professional

  • Building a Team and Team Building Program




(CEU Credits offered to RNs, LCSWs, LCPCs, LPNS, and LNHAs)

  • Navigating Through Ethics and Boundaries (1 and 2) 2 CEU Program

  • Communicating Bad News for Healthcare and Mental Health Professionals

  • Overcoming Burnout for Healthcare and Mental Health Professionals

  • Advanced Relaxation for Healthcare and Mental Health  Professionals

  • Establishing Rapport with Anxious Clients and Families

  • Helping Patients Overcome Insomnia

  • Healthcare System for the Mental Health Professional

  • Options for At-Home Health Care 

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • Helping Patients Grieve the Loss of a Loved One

  • Accurate and Empathic Interviewing

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