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Bridge2Horizon Wellness Resource bridges the gap in mental health and preventative care. We pride ourselves on bringing professional, licensed psychotherapists to the client's home via telehealth (online counseling). In office, face to face sessions are available at our Deerfield location.

Eugene Roginsky

Eugene Roginsky LCSW

Bridge2Horizon Wellness Resource

Psychotherapist, Clinical Educator, Author, and Speaker

Licensed Psychotherapist, Author, and Educator, with 24 years clinical and 15 years teaching experience.

It is my firm belief that to be successful as a therapist,

a practitioner has to use an eclectic, progressive, psychotherapeutic approach, as well as be familiar

with the healthcare system. When working with

clients I focus on solution oriented, effective, symptom relief methods.

Zoya Zackavec LCSW

Psychotherapist, Consultant, and Motivational Speaker

Zoya  Zackavec LCSW is a Licensed Psychotherapist who is passionate about helping individuals, couples and families work through life’s challenges and achieve a healthy sense of balance. Zoya utilizes Solution Oriented, Strength-Based and Evidence-Based psychotherapeutic approaches to treatment. To help clients, Zoya utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness approaches to treatment. 

Zoya Zackavec
 Inna Meerson

Dr. Meerson is a clinical psychologist with 18 years of professional experience. She is a generalist psychologist helping individuals with short- and long-term issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, adjustment to life transitions, loss, relationship conflict,school and work stress, adjustment to physical illness and psychological trauma.

Nancy Sillin LCSW CADC

Nancy Sillin LCSW is an experienced Psychotherapist with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Nancy’s strong, vast, clinical background spans over three decades. She is extremely knowledgeable in the healthcare system and specializes in Long Term Care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dementia Care, Geriatric Care, Group Psychotherapy, Addictions, Consulting and Clinical Research.

Psychotherapist and Addictions Counselor

Nancy Silllin

Zina has been passionate about improving employee performance and HR processes for two decades. She holds a Master's Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and for over 20 years, has successfully enhanced and improved teamwork, corporate culture, and company performance, leading her own team to become top 10 within the company of 500 business units (managing over 50,000 employees).


Every one of our clients is unique, and there are times when a multidisciplinary team is needed for the purpose of creating a ‘think tank’ approach to generate an effective treatment plan.

Community, Clinical & Corporate Education
Community Health

Bridge2Horizon Wellness Resource offers seminars designed to improve health, school and work performance, as well as increase happiness in individuals, couples and families. All our programs are conducted by professional speakers from a variety of health and mental health disciplines.

I have attended several in-services offered by Eugene Roginsky. He offers ‘nuts and bolts’ practical techniques which I have found helpful to me in my busy, often stressful work life. His presentations are always to-the -point, filled with information, and understandable.

Eric Jacobson RN

Mission Statement

To bring eclectic and emphatic professional psychotherapy services to clients who are unable to see a licensed therapist in an office setting, as well as provide comprehensive wellness education.

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